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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: Z

Zealous Zone

If this is your passion then be passionate about it. Don’t downplay your importance when people ask what you do.

Put your blood and sweat into what you do and at the end you’ll feel as if you conquered the world.

If you tried and it wasn’t what you thought it would be, try a different approach. Maybe you’re doing the wrong types of events.

Whatever the level of excitement, keep your mouth shut until you have confirmation and you have a budget.

This challenge rocked!

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: Y

Yelling gets you nowhere. It also gets you a reputation. Keep your cool, always appear as if everything is under control.

Youth events are great. Don’t do them if you’re not in to kids. They’ll be everywhere.

Yellow is the color of obsession. Try avoiding an over saturated yellow when theming your event.

I hate this letter. “Z” probably won’t be any better.

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: X


Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: W

Working Weekends

If you’re honestly considering Event Coordinating as a career you’re considering giving up your weekends and holidays. There’s no getting around it.

World Wide Web

Keep your social media profile professional. Nothing you put online can ever really disappear. If you want to be taken seriously, carry yourself properly.

Work It

Go to other people’s events and mingle. Don’t be a salesperson. Be charming, be smart, be witty. Be ready to convince others that you have what it takes. Be worthy of being remembered.

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: V


Your skills are priceless, actually they’re quite pricey. People appreciate and remember your good deeds. Volunteer your time and expertise with one organization. Build a relationship with them, be genuine about whatever tasks you take on. You’re making a better world, creating valuable relationships and building your resume.

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: U

Understand the Use of Time

Sometimes a shorter event is more effective than a longer one. You don’t want to lose the attention of your guests and have your overall goal be lost because of this.

~Practice your speech ahead of time if you have to give one.

~ Try having keynote speakers before the heavier drinking commences.

~ Don’t have a keynote speaker come out while food is being served.

~ Stick to your speech script or note card, the more you venture seat from your notes the more you ramble. You lose attention that way.

~ Verbally announce the end of cocktail hour, people won’t just happily usher themselves away from free booze.

~ Do a run through a day or more before the actual event. Walk through every single step you’ll take the day of the event. Take real notes of everything you notice you need to be prepared for. Mental notes disappear until after the fact.

That’s all U are getting from me today!

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: T

Topics Of Interest
Stay on top of current events. They give you something to talk about when there’s a lull in conversation.

Technology & Tutorials
For better quality promotional materials dive deep into your Adobe suite or any other software you own. Check out the possibilities at your fingertips with Photoshop, InDesign, Logic Pro and so forth. Go to YouTube where there is a world of free tutorials to help you jump in or advance your knowledge. Take your videos, brochures and flyers to a whole new level.

If you have a theme for your event or brand you absolutely have to carry that theme across every platform you use. It’s professional, it solidifies your brand, it helps avoid confusion. Find a way to work it into posts, promotional materials, etc.

Talk the Walk
We do things that we love yet we cringe and almost apologize when explaining our passions to people. Cut it out. What you do is fantastic. Stand tall when you give them the “I plan events” or “I promote brands” or whatever it is that you do that brings enjoyment to your life. Own your shine!

Ciao Darlings,

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Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: S

Start Small

If you’re interested in planning events just go for it. Granted you have an upper hand with formal education, and knowing that my professors would probably choke me for saying this, the best education is just jumping in and doing an event or twenty.

~ If your friend is having a party you can offer to plan or help plan it.

~Find charities and volunteer your time at their fundraisers, this will give you first hand experience of the actual day of an event.

~Ask those same charities if you can be on their planning committees or if you can shadow their planners.

~Throw your own party. Throw your own little fundraiser. Then do another and another, making each one a little more intricate than the last.

A philosopher they forced me to read once said if you want to be something you do the thing and that is who you are. Camus? Heidegger? Who knows, the point is this if you want to be an event planner then get up and plan an event and voila! You’re an event planner now!

Ciao Darlings,



Tips for a More Socialite Demeanor: R

Redundancy is your Reality

The way to get your message out to your audience is through repetition. The skill involved is to do so yet not sound repetitive. When you’re asking people to act or react, you need to:

~ Tell them what you’re about to tell them.

~ Tell them the information.

~ Tell them what you just told them.

Think of groups of adults as one five year old child with a broader vocabulary. Repeat things in order for them to stick. Watch your tone though, your message might get lost all because of the wrong attitude or approach.

Ciao Darlings,